Kokokito wins Circuit X award19/08/2015 By IYMA
Photo: Neeltje Knaap

At festival Theater aan Zee, the performance Kokokito won the Circuit X Award! This means that the performance will be shown all over Belgium in 2016.

From the jury report:

‘In Kokokito Vanhaverbeke creates a whole world with sounds and objects. Departing from his own search for an artistic form more and more layers of meaning are touched upon as the performance progresses. In particular, the relationship between sound and meaning becomes central. The excellent timing and strong musicality of the performer stood out, and in contrast with a certain clumsiness or shyness the performance drew both its humour as its pathos from it. Because of the way Vanhaverbeke plays with language, music and objects, Kokokito never ceases to surprise. The performer itself is an extremely pleasant, never ironic presence on stage. The jury is impressed by the thorough form research that was clearly at the base of the performance.’