Personal storytelling with your body15/06/2016 By IYMA

A report on the workshop ‘Personal storytelling with your body’ during ACT 2016

The physical performer Igor Vrebac was born in former Yugoslavia in 1986 and lives in the Netherlands since 1994. Since he was young he developed a passion for theatre and film. He was educated at the Mime Educational program at the Dutch Academy of Arts in Amsterdam as physical performer. In 2014 he created the performance ‘Homo Sapiens.’ With this performance he was invited to ACT Festival where he won the Jury’s Prize for best Short Performance. He was invited back to show this piece, be the artists in resideny to create a new performance: ‘ Macho Macho’ and last but not least, to give a workshop on personal storytelling with your body.

During the workshop he worked with young performers on theatrical image and abstractions of your personal story. Vrebac developed a method working from impulses, physicality and imaginations. Verbal: “I’d like to stage the personality of the performer. What is it that makes you, you as a person and therefore a stage performer?”. Together with ten performers they followed his method. It was a very interesting workshop that proposed many ways to create a story.