Moving Mountains in Brussels30/09/2016 By IYMA

This weekend the new project of Jimme Cloo and Marion Flament will premiere in Brussels during Nuit Blanche.

Cloo & Flament finished their studies in scenography at the institute ENSAD in Paris. They worked together for numerous times. In 2015 they performed for IYMA at the ITs Festival with their performance ‘Play House’. They are interested in finding ways to open a discussion about how spectacular an everyday life actually is; how common things can sometimes feel choreographed.
Now they’ve created the performance and installation ‘ Moving Mountains’ together with Soline Portmann. The performance displays fine, patiently sculpted artificial landscapes. Blown away by the wind they are continuously destroyed and built over, time after time. The blank page becomes a mountain, a river, a beach, an island or a road, creating moving landscapes boarders.

This edition of the Nuit Blanche festival is dedicated to the theme of ‘ Borders’. A topic in line with the ambition of the festival: to lift the barriers between people, cultures and disciplines and to bring people together with art in the city.

practical details:

1st of October, between 20:00h – 02:00 am, @ Warocque building at the Léopold Parc in Brussels Belgium.