My ‘Short’ Experiences13/09/2016 By IYMA


Our young reporter Itxasos San Juan interviewed and reviewed some of the IYMA works, but she also wrote down her experiences of the festival in general:

This year I had the opportunity to go to Rome, this amazing and historical city has, since 11 editions, a festival called “Short Theatre Festival” and this year’s name was Keep the village alive.

During ten days you can see all sorts of performances. Pieces of dance, interpretations, video, and lot of music mixed in an old slaughterhouse called “La Pelanda” in the contemporary arts MACRO Museum in Testaccio Rome. Every night from seven o’clock, more or less, we’d enjoyed, three or four performance with after an outdoor party with amazing music by great musicians and most important: meet interesting people, mingle with the artists and the audience. It is probably on of the most amazing things of Short Theatre festival, the opportunity to speak with the performers after they performed. It is nice to see how an informal way of meeting between audience and artists provides both parties with more insight of their work. For the one it adds to a richer experience and to the other it adds a different international perspective and view to it.

At Short Theatre you can see that there are different ways of ‘ doing’  theatre and is amazing that they provide the opportunity to young artists and take a risk and showing something unconventional. For all of this, I’m being grateful to the people who make the festival happen.

by Itxasos San Juan