Biscuit; or how to make theatre more inclusive09/10/2016 By IYMA

At MESS Festival Jess Thom performed the performance ‘Backstage in Biscuitland’. She is a writer, artist and part time super hero. Jess Thom co-founded Touretteshero in 2010 as a creative response to her experience of having Tourette’s syndrome.

Jess has had tics since she was a child but wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her twenties. Touretteshero is about reclaiming the most frequently misunderstood condition on the planet, challenging people to think differently, and building a more inclusive society. For IYMA she created a workshop and together with young artists of MESS they encountered and tried to tackle the subject. Together they explored a wide range of issues on how to make theater more accessible. Not only about Tourettes, but also on the so-called ‘Relaxed Performance’, physical accessibility and the ‘ Social Model’ of disability. In the video you can see one of the IYMA bloggers interview her right after given the workshop.