Flare Festival 201702/07/2017 By IYMA

This years Flare Festival will be held from 4-8 July. Different artists take the stage at different venues in Manchester. The program contains exiting new names and welcomes back some familiar faces that are not unknown to the different festivals  of  IYMA such as ACT and BE FESTIVAL.

Massive Owl made their Flare debut at the first Flare International Festival of New Theatre in 2011. Beaches is led by iara Solano of Sleepwalk Collective, the very first company who applied to be part of the same Flare festival and now she will return with a different company. New names like the Flemish Bosse Provoost en Kobe Chielens will take the stage as well. These artists won the Amsterdam ITs Festival with their physical performance Moore! Bacon and will be shown at the final night of Flare in a double bill. Be prepared to see a whole range of different and exciting performances from young artists from Spain, the UK, Swiss, Belgium and the Netherlands.