Agata Dyczko (PL)




Little Mermaid – The Wedding

The Little Mermaid by H.Ch. Andersen served us as a basis to tell a story of a contemporary girl. We’ve chosen the moment of her wedding and told the whole story from the perspective of a bride. That is why the audience, our wedding guests are welcomed to the decorated space with balloons and orchestra, and a table with herrings vodka and bread. The bride awaits them, impatient and excited, she welcomes everyone, proposes a glass of champaigne, there will come a groom in a while and we’re going to toast for the future of the just married couple.

Long live the newlyweds!

Directed by Agata Dyczko
Choreography Iza Szostak
Text H. Ch Andersen
Concept Agata Dyczko, Dominika Biernat
With Dorota Krempa, Justyna Kowalska, Mateusz Weber, Martyna Kowalik
Scenography Julita Gożdzik
Costumes Tomasz Walesiak
Music Jan Królikowski, Michał Jachura
Technical support Tomasz Walesiak
Thanks to Marcin Jarnuszkiewicz

Polish, English
35 minutes


26 June 2015, ITs Festival Amsterdam
27 June 2015, ITselF Festival, Warsaw, Poland