Bosse Provoost & Kobe Chielens (BE)



Moore Bacon!

Moore Bacon! shows a naked body on stage being torn apart and presenting itself to us in impossible shapes. A cabinet of light and darkness envelops it, causing only shards to remain. The spectator’s eye is constantly being played causing form, texture and color to be the viewer’s own imagination rather than what’s effectively taking place on stage. Every perception is an act of creation. What we see is some kind of half-human being, floating amidst a dark space of which the edges are invisible; it stretches out, shrinks and bursts into pieces, only to present itself to us in a new appearance. It is constantly disintegrating and reconstructing itself. And although this disintegrating body inevitably speaks to us about death, there is a joyful force and playfulness to be found in a pile of chunks, trying to puzzle itself back together.


Concept: Bosse Provoost & Kobe Chielens

Directed by: Bosse Provoost

Performed by: Kobe Chielens

Image: Chantal Pollier

Dramaturgical advice: Bauke Lievens

Technique: Abel Provoost, Geert Belpaeme

Special thanks to: BUDA Kortrijk, De Grote Post, De Werf, Geert Belpaeme, Koenraad Vandersyppe


Bosse Provoost and Kobe Chielens are part of art collective De Polen.

De Polen is a Belgian artist collective founded by Bosse Provoost (°1993), Kobe Chielens (°1993), Liselotte de Keyzer  (°1987) and Geert Belpaeme  (°1984) in 2016. In this collective, Bosse is the director, while Kobe, Geert and Lieselotte are performers/creators of the material.
De Polen came to be after various artistic encounters with each other, not in the least ‘Herberg’ (2015), a location performance set under a freeway overpass and the first production all four of them worked at. de polen is also the consolidation of a four year long collaboration between Bosse and Kobe. In these four years they made four performances, the latest of which, ‘Moore Bacon!’ (2015), won the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs at Theater Aan Zee 2016, one of the most important recognitions in Belgium for emerging artists in the performing arts. They also won two prizes at Amsterdam’s ITs (International Theatre School) Festival: the IYMA Award and Het Debuut.
Between July 2017 and December 2021 Bosse will be working as a director at Toneelhuis as part of the talent development trajectory P.U.L.S., from which most projects of de polen will likely be initiated. Geert is, apart from his artistic practice with de polen and his other collective, l’hommmm, a researcher and teacher at KASK/School of Arts Ghent

De Polen makes wordless, physical performances with a strong visual component. Their work is, unsurprisingly, strongly inspired by visual arts (from Caravaggio and Hans Holbein the Young to Francis Bacon, Anish Kapoor, Walt Disney and the great polish animators Walerian Borowczyk and Piotr Dumala). de polen explores different ways of presenting an actor as a (drawn, sculpted, animated…) ‘figure’ rather than a person on stage. The lighting too plays a crucial part in their work, light is used as paint on canvas. A strategy they developed through their latest performances Herberg and Moore Bacon! is one of ‘sensory deprivation’: to give to an audience insufficient visual stimuli to grasp what is happening before their eyes, but enough to provoke a constant flow of hypotheses, hereby stressing that every perception is an act of creation.


27 June 2016 in Amsterdam at ITs Festival 

31 July 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

1 August 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

2 August 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

3 August 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

4 August 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

5 August 2016 in Oostende at Theater aan Zee, Belgium

12 August Festival Boulevard Den Bosch, Netherlands 

22 September 2016 Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie Leeuwarden, Netherlands 

23 September 2016 Pand P Eindhoven, Netherlands

24 September 2016 Theater Bouwkunde Deventer, Netherlands

 29 September 2016 Junushof Wageningen,Netherlands

30 September 2016 De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort, Netherlands

1 Oktober 2016 Theater Walhalla Rotterdam, Netherlands

4 Oktober 2016 Theater Kikker Utrecht, Netherlands

5 Oktober 2016 Theater Kikker Utrecht, Netherlands

6 Oktober 2016 Theater aan het Spui Den Haag, Netherlands

7 Oktober 2016 Theater Ins Blau Leiden, Netherlands

12 Oktober 2016 Stadstheater Arnhem, Netherlands

14 Oktober 2016 De Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg, Netherlands

18 Oktober 2016 Stadsschouwburg Groningen, Netherlands

20 Oktober 2016 Vrijhof Cultuur Enschede, Netherlands

21 Oktober 2016 Theater Bellevue Amsterdam, Netherlands

22 Oktober 2016 Theater Bellevue Amsterdam, Netherlands

25 Oktober 2016 Zwolse Theaters Zwolle, Netherlands

27 Oktober 2016 Theater de Vest Alkmaar, Netherlands

28 Oktober 2016 Theater aan de Slinger Houten, Netherlands

24 November 2016 Toneelschuur Haarlem, Netherlands

25 November Jonge Harten Festival GroningenNetherlands

September 2017 in Rome at Short Theatre Italy

RP [CMYK] + url  ShortTheatre 2016


The Via Rudolphi ‘Het Debuut Award’ at ITs Festival 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The ‘IYMA Award’ at ITs Festival 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The ‘ TAZ-KBC JONGTHEATERPRIJS’ Award at Theater aan Zee Festival 2016, Oostende, Belgium