C&C (IT)




Tristissimo (25 min)

A dance portrait of a couple who seek contact, seek to touch but repel each other’s every move.
As the dancers gravitate towards each other’s desire the reality of their separation becomes relentless, tender and touching. Based upon Wagner’s nineteenth century romantic tragedy of Tristan and Isolde, Tristissimo relays the sadness of the dancer’s spirit, a physical and electric performance leading to a dramatic finale. www.ceccompany.org

choreography / cast: Carlo Massari & Chiara Tavian
music: Wagner – Tristan & Isolde
photo: Alex Brenner


C&C is a collaboration between Carlo Massari and Chiara Taviani. The multi award winning Italian duo met at the dance company Balletto Civile/Michela Lucenti in 2010 and are touring extensively in 201




25 June 2015, BE FESTIVAL