CollettivO CineticO (IT)




Age (60 min)
Theatre, surtitles

The project age continues the research on the uncertainty priciple and the systems of rules typical of games. The performers are teenagers, just before or immediately after the threshold of 18 years old. In this particular and ephemeral time span the relationship with the concept of rule (both socially and legally) is extremely specific and constantly shifting. A teen-ager is biologically and chemically programmed to be a risk-taker and therefore it’s the ideal candidate to be a performer in the ludic, uncertain and regulated environment of a theatre stage. The piece is structured as a “human atlas”, a live taxonomy of the performers. Each choreographic material has a specific nomenclature in order to be identified by the performers. At the same time has been collected a questionnaire of 500 self-defining questions that become a filter of selection in categories. The performers don’t know which parameters (questions) will be asked during the performance and which movement material will be called. The answers of the teen-age group are based on their own opinion on themselves and their presence fully expose their choices as individuals. Each performative event is different from the others, it cannot be rehearsed and it constantly presents unpredictable reactions generating an atmosphere of high intensity and subtle irony.

concept and direction: Francesca Pennini
cast:  Tilahun Andreoli, Samuele Bindini, Thomas Calvez, Marco Calzolari, Camilla Caselli, Jacques Lazzari, Matteo Misurati, Emma Saba, Marina Simonato
Dramaturgy: Angelo Pedroni


October 2015, International Festival MESS, Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 2016, BE FESTIVAL Birmingham, UK

September 2017, International Festival MESS, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Jury Award for Best Young Director of the 54th International Theater Festival MESS (2014)

MESS award at BE Festival Birmingham for Hamlet