Cooperativa Maura Morales (DE)




Wunschkonzert (15 min)

We all find out truths against ourselves. But we carry on with our lives, because, basically, we either accept or reject the information we need to reach a conclusion.” (EM Cioran: The doctrine of breakdown)

An obsessive, neurotic, real woman, a loner and a cockroach, a hopeless life. She carries on her back the weight of routine, the dense air of the past, the pessimism of the future and the only wish for being unnoticed. However, she dreams and she draws her life the way she would like it to be.

made and performed by: Maura Morales
lighting design: Niko Moddenborg
music: MIchio



4 June 2015, ACT Festival Bilbao


Duri-ACT Award at ACT Festival Bilbao. This award offers her the chance to prefer in the Duri Theatre in Seoul, South-Korea