Danielle Van Vree (NL)




(Don’t) Trust me (30 min)
Physical Theatre, in English

Featuring seven students from the mime department of Amsterdam Theatre School, this fast paced physical theatre show is striking, poetic and poses question about trust and distrust. How can eye contact and the reaction to a quick glance or glaring stare say so much? A live camera feed plays with the tension between fiction and reality, seeing and not seeing. www.daniellevanvree.nl

director: Danielle van Vree
cast: Hidde Aans Verkade, Zoë Demoestier, Dennis Tiecken, Johanna Krueger, Ritzah Statia, Simon Van  Schuylenbergh
music & sound design: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tuva Semmingsen, Etta James
lighting design: Bas de Bruijn
Photo left: Alex Brenner


Director Danielle van Vree creates video works and performances often about the meaning of gestures and actions, movement and repetition.


27 June 2015, BE FESTIVAL