David Espinosa (ES)




My Great Work is the largest theater in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military orchestra, a rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter. My Great Work is an utopia. The reality in which we have always moved as artists is characterized by precariousness and lack of means, and there has always been precisely the focus of our work: devise mechanisms to address the lack of resources, make a virtue of necessity, emphasizing gaps to enhance interest and failure as a creative engine. So now that we are in a difficult socio-economic situation, in which very few can afford this luxury, it seems the right time to tackle our first major project, and ambitious project. In Mi Gran Obra we plan to build a large-scale show, sparing no expense, developing all the ideas that come up however expensive they could be, material and unlimited artistic team. But, obviously, with a slight draw back: a scale. That is, thinking big and doing small, using this approach and techniques of an architect. Continuing our questioning of the limits of theater and deepening the interest of previous projects on the idea of ​​performing, in this work we try to create a situation in which to question the meaning of major projects, artistic creations that handle high budgets and whose real cultural value is rarely demonstrable, colossal works very gimmicky and disingenuous, loaded with ornaments but their substance are questioned. While trying to carry out what we would do if we were really able to work under these conditions, which for us is a great format profitable.

Created and directed by: David Espinosa
David Espinosa / Cia. Hekinah Degul
Assistant Director: 
Africa Navarro
Music and sound: 
Santos Martinez / David Espinosa
Stage space: David Espinosa / 
AIR models and architecture projects
Production: El Local EC. / 
CAET, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya
MOM-El Vivero


David Espinosa (Elche, 1976) holds Bachelor of acting by E.S.A.D. Valencia in 1998 and has been studying  Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, CI and Capoeira in Valencia, Brussels and Barcelona since 1994. He has performed in different dance and theater pieces for different companies like Alex Rigola, Sergi Faustino, Mal Pelo, The Malqueridas, Osmosis cie. (France), Lapsus-Alexis Eupierre, Sonia Gómez / General Elèctrica, Paul Weibel and Carles Alberol. In 2006 he started creating his own shows, in which he manipulates the ‘stage equation’. (actor / body + space + time + spectator = theatre). He uses slow tech and precarious methods to create formal games with different narratives, giving each show a single substance and format, away from tags and always in the middle of visual art, dance and theatre.


July 1 2015, ITselF Festival, Warsaw, Poland
October 10 2014, MESS Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia- Herzegovina
October 11 2014, MESS Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia- Herzegovina


Audience Award at ITseLF festival Warsaw, Poland 2015