Nina de la Parra (NL/DE)




HAUTNAH (Closer)
Dan, Anna, Alice, Larry:
four lonely people
overwhelmed by the freedom of the 21st Century
narcissistic, ice-cold, numb, sarcastic
they meet, they fall in love, they cheat, they fall out of love
constantly using the only weapon left to them: language.

In Patrick Marber’s bleak description of the sexual identity crisis of four young people in a European metropole, Nina de la Parra recognises the disease of her twittering generation: narcissistic, isolated, never satisfied, obsessed with fame and success. Post-feminist freedom, the explosion of the internet and the pornographication of popular culture have not led to sexual or intellectual freedom, but to sexual enslavement.

This gender battle is presented in an almost nihilistic style, where four ironic products of postmodern West-European intellectualism sit on the destruction of their own self and do nothing but talk, talk, talk.

Close to the bone, naked, direct – it’s HAUTNAH.

Directed by Nina de la Parra
Text Patrick Marber
Performance Sven Gey, Bernhard Glose, Luise Kinner, Karin Moog
Scenography, costumes en lights Jutta Bornemann
Thanks to Prof. Lisa Nielebock

German (English surtitels)
75 minutes



22 June 2015, ITs Festival