Dawn P. Robinson (UK)



When I see you I think of…dentist (40 min)
A search for identity
Life is weird, mine is too. My passport says I´m British. But I wasn’t born here. My parents are British. My name is as well. My first language is German. I think it´s easier than English. People here call me the ‘German’. People in Germany call me ‘the English girl’. I´m confused. What am I? Where do I belong? And where am I?…..ahh, no I know where I am. Leeds. West Yorkshire. England. But what does it take to be British? To become British? This theatre performance will show you, what one person can do to become British. Habits, Challenges. Based on Life. And Style. Or is there more between the lines?

Director and performer: Dawn P. Robinson


Dawn Patricia Robinson is a contemporary theatre artist with influences from body art, live art and clowning. She was trained in drama at the Anton-Bruckner-University for music, dance and drama in Linz, Austria. After finishing her acting training in 2014 she moved to Leeds, UK to do a postgraduate degree in Performance at Leeds Beckett University where she finished in September 2015.


22 June ITs Festival, Amsterdam

23 June ITs Festival, Amsterdam