Fabio Omodei / Sofia Academy (IT)




Bastards in the Mind
The life of every human being is flawless clockwork. The hands measure time precisely to ensure that every event takes place at the right moment: birth, childhood, maturity, friendship, first love, first disillusionment – straight through to death. The bastards in the title are the prison guards in the cage of the mind. Their job is to ensure that nothing keeps the mechanism from running properly. Every attempt to change the tempo of the clock’s moving hands is brutally punished. This dreamlike dance production has won numerous awards at international theatre festivals, including in Vilnius and Tangier.

Direction & choreography: Fabio Omodei
Costume design: Monica Raponi
Cast: Gioele Barone, Roberto Bonfantini, Luisa Casasanta, Aurora Di Gioia, Francesca Gargano, Valentina Guaetta, Miriam Messina, Giorgia Narcisi, Luca Pastore, Marina Pucci, Lodovico Zago


The Sofia Amendolea Theatre Academy in Rome was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Fabio Omodei, theatre director and artistic director of Roma Teatro Festival (since 2003 roku), an international festival of theatre schools. It has three departments: Acting, Body and Movement, and Theory and Criticism. In the course of the three-year program, students undergo practical training in body awareness, commedia dell’arte, textual interpretation, and more. They also study the history of theatre and the fundamentals of stage design and costume design. Because the school’s primary mission is to provide formal acting training, it emphasizes international exchanges. These enable students to acquaint themselves with various theatre techniques and gain the experience necessary to cross linguistic, cultural and esthetic barriers. It carries out experimental projects that often involve socially marginalized groups. During the program, students perform at Teatro Eliseo and Teatro Quirino in Rome, and their thesis productions are hosted at numerous international festivals in places such as Marrakesh, Brno, Montreal, Istanbul, Belgrade and Vilnius, where they often win awards.

Students of the Sofia Amendolea Theatre Academy in Rome have been hosted at MFST ITSelF three times. They presented the following shows: Nightma


29 June 2015, ITselF festival, Warsaw, Poland


Grand Prix Best Performance – Kuwait City – Kuwait
Grand Prix Best Performance – Marrakech – Morocco
Best Director Award – Tangier – Morocco