Giorgia Nardin (IT)



DOLLY (25 min) 
Since 1959 over 700 million Barbie dolls have been sold. Two Barbies per second are bought every day. Barbie is skinny, lean, self-confident, joyful, established. She is an astronaut, a cowgirl, a veterinarian, an executive director, a disco queen, an ambassador for UNICEF, a nurse, a ballerina, a horseback rider, an animal lover, a tennis player, a professional swimmer, an amateur swimmer, a skier. This impeccable, smily toy has contributed to shape and form the way the female body is viewed. Starting from this observation, Dolly seeks to investigate automatism. The body is maneuvered from the outside, it’s a rented body, the occupant does not own it. She can only give in to a condition that forces her to be an ornament, and become bare flesh. Dolly researches a mechanical way of inhabitating the body, of making flesh a tool and actions an imposition.

Choreography and Performance:
Light Design:


Giorgia is an independent choreographer and performer. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK), and graduated in 2010.

Her first project as a maker happens in collaboration with artists Francesca Foscarini and Marco D’Agostin. The trio meets at the Accademia Mobile by Emio Greco|PC, held during OperaEstate Festival Veneto in 2010, and together they create Spic & Span, piece winner of the special mention in Premio Scenario 2011. There and then, her first experiment in choreographic research, is selected at the Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore 2011.

She collaborates as a lecturer with numerous dance schools, one of which is Kairos, Associazione Veneziana di Danza e Teatro. In 2012 she works as a performer for Sonia Brunelli | Barokthegreat in Indigenous and Attacco del Clone and is one of the two italian choreographers selected to take part in Choreoroam Europe 2012, an international project for choreographic research.

Dolly, her first solo creation, is finalist at the Premio GD’A 2012 and receives the special mention from DNA|RomaEuropa Festival. The piece is presented in its urban adaptation as part of International Dance Raids 2012, is selected for Rete Anticorpi XL and presented at the Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore. Dolly has been presented as part of the Italian Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.

Giorgia is the italian artist selected to take part in the B Project, a international project for the production of work around the universe of Hyeronimus Bosch and is one of the four italian artists selected to take part in Performing Gender, an international project for the production of durational performances on the theme of gender and sexual orientations.

As part of Performing Gender she creates Celebration, a durational performance thought for galleries and museum spaces.


11  October 2015, International Festival MESS, Bosnia and Herzegovina