Illire Vinca (KO)



The Color of August (35 min)
In this play there are two girls, Maria and Laura. Both of them are painters and best friends, but they have not seen each other in eight years. The story starts with Maria that is in Atele, and she is preparing everything to meet her long lost friend Laura. Laura comes as a model to the studio and not knowing that Maria is there for her. Laura used to be a talented painter, although Maria was better and Laura always hated this, hence this reunion of the two closed friends is thrilled. This play includes the mixed emotions and lust of Laura and Maria. Laura does not know that Maria took her ex boyfriend and that they got married.

Director: Ilire Vinca
Performers: Vjosa Malokaj and Semira Latifi


28 June ITs Festival, Amsterdam

29 June ITs Festival, Amsterdam