Ivor Martinić (BA)




A Play about Mirjana and Those around Her
A Play about Mirjana and Those around Her is an exam performance for the third year students in the class of Ermin Bravo, Associate Professor and Džana Pinjo, Senior Assistant. The author of the play, Ivor Martinić, says that it deals with the following questions: “Who are we? Are we only what we are in relationship with other people? If so, we are what people around us are.” Mirjana is like everyone else around her: drowned in the apathy and the rutine of everyday life. Everyone is trying to make an image of life and no one is actually living it. They live in a community, but in reality, they live for themselves only. They escape facing their lives. They are fine with the mechanical everyday rituals played according to the settled, imposed schedule, only to be formally alive, which results in losing the ability to communicate with their loved ones. We meet Mirjana and the people in her life. They all feel the lack of something quintessential, rather than the relationship between them. The play takes place in a bathroom, that place where we are most intimate and most vulnerable. The audience can easily project their feelings of anxiety and of missing something important on life on the play’s characters and find out the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Text Ivor Martinić
Mentors Ermin Bravo, Džana Pinjo
Cast Dina Mušanović, Anđela Kusic, Mirjana Đan, Dino Sarija, Nadia Cvitanović, Aleš Kranjec, Mia Čotić, Marko Braić
Light Design Osman Arslanagić
Poster Design Nirvana Žiško
Production Akademija Scenskih Umjetnosti Sarajevo

60 minutes


Ivor Martinić was born in 1984, studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and worked as dramaturge in various national theatres in Croatia. In 2008 he took part in the “Forum of young playwrights” at the  “New Plays” festival in Wiesbaden, Germany. He is the author of very successful drama plays: “The Title of the Drama about Ante is Written Here” and “A Play about Mirjana and those around her”. Both plays have been translated and produced in at least ten European countries. Ivor was awarded the Fabriqué en Croatie award by the REZ association and Small Marulic Award. He also is the youngest playwright to receive the Marin Drzic-Award.


12 October 2014, MESS Festival