Jimme Cloo & Marion Flament (FR)




Martin Crimp presented us with two characters – Simon and Katrina – and short scenes that showcase the experience of a young couple’s undertaking to move in together in a new apartment. The sharp, uncompromising writing dictates a rigid structure where every day life is lived as an experience. Every moment is challenging this rigorous frame, slowly revealing the emptiness behind the appearances.

Uninhabited, there are no cues of any emotional path, any history. A fixed framework where everything is still possible, but this is only an appearance. We are proposing a performance in a space that we imagined together and in which we decided to inhabit. In a live performance,  we are bringing all our tools together in order to make the scenes work as we want, until the moment it does actually start matching with our own lives.

Play House is an experience: To occupy an unused and neutral space, our space 0.

Direction, concept and scenography Marion Flament, Jimme Cloo
With Marion Flament, Jimme Cloo
Text Martin Crimp
Technical support, lights and sound Fanny Papot, Pierre-Yves Dougnac
Thanks to Aurélia Yvan


Choo and Flament are two set design students at ENSAD, Paris, currently in their final year.

Their collaboration spans not only for the duration of this undertaking, but also into numerous occasions in the past years. Consistently, they’ve both always wanted to create a fiction as well as a work ethic that supports their duet. They have been interested for a long time in finding ways to open a discussion about how spectacular an everyday life actually is; how common things can sometimes feel choreographed.  For this reason, they decided to embody the peculiar characters Simon and Katrina of Martin Crimp’s script: Play House.


26 June 2015, ITs Festival
4 February 2016, Festival of European Theatre Academies, Budapest, Hungary