Kim Hoogterp (NL)





RAGMANROLLS is an intimate solo about nostalgia, the act of breaking traditions and the loss of control. In this solo Kim Hoogterp makes connections between traditions of the east and west. For this she was inspired by the documentary ‘ Ring of Fire; An Indonesian Odyssey’ (2007, L. Blair), the almost extinct profession of the British ‘ rag-and-bone men’ and Chi-energy. This resulted in a dynamic and hypnotic movement language that traps the audience in a vulnerable relationship and reveals her inner world. An intense trip.

He came out through an inch of wood from underneath. He draw his own blood. Laughed of apologetically. All further testing and filming must end Public scrutiny.’

performance/concept/music: Kim Hoogterp
lightdesign/decor: Jan van Breugel


Kim Hoogterp graduated from the Modern / Dancetheatre department of the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, the Netherlands, in 2013.  She worked with choreographers like Tegest Pecht, Itamar Serussi, Liat Waysbort, Sara Wiktorowicz, Eddy Becquart, Joost Vrouenraets, Chris de Feyter, Lina Limosani, Marc van Loon, Truus Bronkhorst and Gabriella Maiorino. After her graduation she continued working with  Gabriella Maiorino for the  productions Supernova 4# (2013), ZERO ZERO ( 2013/2014), Cinematic:1.KIM (2014) and as assistant for Aurora (2014).

She has also been involved in projects that performed at festivals and events like Festival Mundial and Dansnacht in Tilburg, TheaterFestival Boulevard in Den Bosch, Museumnacht Amsterdam and Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam.

She teached floorwork focussed classes to children and adults in Kingston, Jamaica and she has been developing her own work: her solo RAGMANROLLS was selected for the Choreo-Graphic-Selection of the International Theaterschool Festival 2014



5 June 2015, ACT Festival Bilbao