Guillem Gefaell Alsina (SP)



Kolmanskop (50 min)

A microphone, some ropes hanging and a sewing machine. The inner world of a woman that is just about to discover why she is where she is…and why she is feeling the way she feels. All along the piece, the sewing machine will weave different rooms, dropping new ropes with a secret to reveal: the tears of the last man in Kolmanskop.
Kolmanskop was a colony build up next to a diamond mine in Namibia’s desert. Now is a ghost town where the sand lives quietly.
Kolmanskop is the story of a woman who decided to start asking herself who she was and why things happened to her. With a close look, she tells us pieces of her life while we see how she enters into her inner world full of mess, knots, troubles.  She beats them with her words and actions and finally gets to the most intimate place she knows: her childhood, her essence.
Kolmanskop is a naked monologue of an actress beating her ghosts while the audience wonders between fiction and reality.
Kolmanskop is devised performance build up as poetic triangle between actress – words – images where each element feeds back the other.
A piece that proves what is inside every life experience and asks if it is not ourselves who are feeding the fears that we are running from.

Internal monologue of woman submerged in the bleak desert of her loneliness, the only place where she will understand her history walking through acceptance, innocence, honesty and tenderness.


Guillem Gefaell Alsina
Laura Tamayo Franch


Guillem Gefaell Alsina is born in 1983 in Barcelona. He studied at the Institut del Teatre where he received his degree in Dramatic arts. He is the director and writer of Kolmanskop and at the moment he is working on his new piece Dramaburg.


23 June ITs Festival, Amsterdam