Louis Vanhaverbeke (NL/BE)




In this performance Louis Vanhaverbeke explores what the relation could be between physical movement, language and fumbling. In an ongoing score he talks/thinks/sings his way thru space. This performance is an attempt to unfold the brain with all its complexity and references. It is an attempt to make the eternal relation between mind- and body practices clear… This is a choreographed attempt to move and think in relation to the spectator and a spatial exercise called dance…

Choreography and concept Louis Vanhaverbeke
Production Batard & Campo
Thanks to Dries Douibi, Pamina de Coulon, David Weber-Krebs, Oneka von Schrader

English, Dutch, French

photo’s: Neeltje Knaap


26 June 2015, ITs Festival
August 2015, Theater aan Zee, Belgium
November 28, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam
March 22, 2016, Festival Cement, Den Bosch, the Netherlands
March 23, 2016, Festival Cement, Den Bosch, the Netherlands

March 24, 2016, Festival Cement, Den Bosch, the Netherlands



Winner of the ITs Choreography Award 2014 at ITs Festival Amsterdam
Winner of Circuit X Award at festival Theater aan Zee, which means the work will tour through Belgium.

A (translated from Dutch) jury quote:
‘Departing from his search for an artistic form more and more layers of meaning are touched upon. The excellent timing and strong musicality of the performer stood out, and in contrast with a certain clumsiness or shyness the performance drew both its humor as its pathos from it’.