Nina Rajić Kranjac (SI)




The Conference of the Birds is the final production of Glej’s 2015 resident Nina Rajić Kranjac, as well as her MA work within the frame of the Theatre and Radio Directing program at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. In 1979, text of the poet, hagiographer, and theoretical sufist Farid ud Din Attar was transformed into a play by Jean-Claude Carrière and Peter Brooks, with which the story of Simorgh, a sufist teacher, and the travel of the birds reached the masses. The performance directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac with six actors and actresses is intended for the audience of 40, who, together with the actors, set off on a journey in which they discover the text through settings that the performance and the ambience stir in them, as well as a journey through oneself. The performance is comprised of three parts (conference, desert, seven valleys), and the director’s personal touch brings a breath of fresh air to the play.


Nina Rajić Kranjac was born in Belgrade in 1991. She attended her primary and middle schools in Maribor. She enrolled at the Ljubljana Theatre Academy in 2010, studying to be a theatre director. During her studies, she also performed as an actress. In 2012, her rendition of Chekov’s Three Sisters won the best student show award, the first of many: Her 1981 by Simona Semenič won best show at the Zagreb International Theatre Festival and she also received the Prešeren student award for her recent works. In 2015, she became the artist-in-residence at the Glej theatre, where she primarily researched the role of sound in theatre.


1 October 2016 in Sarajevo at MESS Festival


“Jurislav Korenić” award for the best young director Nina Rajić Kranjac

“Rejhan Demirdžić” award for the best young actors – Benjamin Krnetić, Petja Labović, Blaž Dolenc, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Sara Dirnbek , Nataša Keser for the collective play