Squarehead Productions (IE)



The Whistle (30 min)

The Whistle is characterised by quick fire scene changes and several often funny and poetic narratives. A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments. The concept of The Whistle is almost genius in its simplicity: the performer on stage has a whistle. When he blows it, the audience closes their eyes, when he blows it again, they open them. Make that performer onstage a juggler and physical performer, mastering the art of precision, and the possibilities are endless.

The Whistle is a solo production by Irish artist Darragh McLoughlin drawing ideas from cinema, theatre and circus and playing with the audience’s expectations. www.squareheadproductions.com

made and performed by: Darragh McLoughlin

photo: Alex Brenner


26 June 2015, BE FESTIVAL

6 April 2016, The Gulbenkian, Canterbury

7 April 2016, Theatre Royal, Bury ST Edmunds

9 April 2016 Theatr Frycheiniog, Brecon

13 April 2016, Barbican, London

14 April 2016, Barbican, London

15 April 2016, Barbican, London

16 April 2016, Barbican, London

19 April 2016, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

20 April 2016, South Street Arts Centre, Reading

21 April 2016, Pegasus, Oxford

22 April 2016 The Civic, Barnsley

24 April 2016, Slunglow, Leeds

25 April 2016, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

26 April 2016, Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate

28 April 2016, Northumbria University, New Castle

3 May 2016, Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick

5 May 2016, The Bramall University of Birmingham, Birmingham

6 May 2016, Circomedia, Bristol