Tamar Blom & Kajetan Uranitsch (NL/AT)



Body On (30 min)
In Body On, two performers are together in an empty space in search for each other. They are looking for a way of allowing the other to be close, testing the limits of intimacy and pushing the boundaries of being together.
We see bodies sexually struggling with the space around and with each other; trying to approach the other in its most intimate reality: its liquids, its weight, smell, skin, touch.
It is about questioning yourself: How far can I go with my own body in relation to another body?
Where do I lose myself and where do I lose the other in this search for physical relation?
Where do I start to be afraid of the intimacy, of the wilderness of our human bodies? It can be uncomfortable, intimidating, shameful, disgusting… and then a pleasure that slowly drives us to our most primal way of dealing with our desire for the other. Who is always challenging us and showing us the unknown reality of being together.
In this search the body changes, and so our perception of it changes too. We have to reconsider our thoughts and adapt the meanings we gave to the bodies. Which raises the question: How do I relate to those bodies? And why?

Inspired by wrestling fights, which transport the ambiguity of radical physicality, but also sensual intimicy, the duet started to cultivate a choreographic writing in which the bodies themselves perform the leading role.

Concept and Performance wild vlees / Tamar Blom and Kajetan Uranitsch
Light Guido van den Hofbodies.

Language no problem
30  minutes in combination with ‘body off’ 60 min


Tamar Blom (°1992) is a physical performer and theatre maker with a great fascination for the human being and its body. In his work he researches what it is to be human by looking at it in its social, political and philosophical value. He then asks himself what the impact of these values are on our bodies and our being. Doing so he creates strong physical images that disturb and trigger questions within oneself. Putting the body to use in its subtleties and extremities he finds a connection with the spectator which makes them think not with their mind but with their body. As a performer he is always looking for a way to physically translate and incorporate the work. Thinking along and co creating. Working with the material he manages to make it bigger than himself, losing his ego and becoming a translator for the material while adding his own little touch to make it his own again.

Kajetan Uranitsch (°1986) is an austrian-born theatre and performance artist who is currently based in Amsterdam where he studies at the Mime department of the Theaterschool, AHK. Before that he was based in Vienna, working in the field of dance, theater and performance also focusing on young audiences. His range of interests includes construction and deconstruction, formation and deformation and currently well as trash, pop and universe.


22 May 2015, OUTNOW! Festival, Bremen
4 July 2015, Fullspin Festival, Essen
17 July 2015, Flare Festival, Manchester
22 October 2015, Het Huis Utrecht



Jury ITs Parade Parel (2014)
‘Tamar Blom and Kajetan Uranitsch connect the most extreme to the most basal in BODY ON. It’s concept is thoroughly and consequently thought through. What seems to be a groundbreaking performance research at first sight, develops into an uncompromising and delicate human togetherness.”