Théâtre du Baléti (FR)



Devoration (30 min)
Theatre, in French with surtitles

Dévoration or Devouring act is a hard hitting and highly visual theatre piece exploring our relationship with violence particularly how pain and pleasure can merge together. Straddled between myth and reality it plays with the idea of  torturer and victim as one, asking questions about power abuse and injustice. Devoration will shock and surprise in equal measure and is as unpredictable as humans are in moments of passion.

director: Maxime Franzetti
cast: Camille Voyenne, Charles Meillat, Chloé Lavalette, Clémence Boucon, Dylan Ferreux, Elise Arpentinier, Florence Colbeau-Justin, Martin Jaspar, Mazime Franzetti, Maya Outmizguine, Moïra Dalant
set design / costumes: Théâtre du Baléti
lighting design: Maxime Franzetti
photo right: Alex Brenner


The Paris based company features twelve artists and is led by Maxime Franzetti, runs its own rehearsal spaces and creates Kaprow-esque happenings.


25 June 2015 BE FESTIVAL