Third Angel (EN/PT)




What I heard about the world
There’s a place where you confess your sins to voicemail.
There’s a place where you can buy a cure for loneliness on CD.
There’s a place where you can rent strangers to cry at your funeral.
There’s a place where they listen to a radio station that broadcasts silence.
There’s a place where there are only five official haircuts for men.
There’s a place where, if the army send your Dad overseas, they give you a life-size cut-out version to keep you company.
A theatre piece with songs: one original, one karaoke. Join Third Angel and mala voadora as they attempt to describe the world. As they try to hold an accurate picture of the whole world in their heads. A world that seems to get bigger by the day. How on earth can you know all the places you’ve been, let alone the places you haven’t?

Devised and performed by Jorge Andrade, Alexander Kelly and Chris Thorpe
in collaboration with Jose Capela and Rachael Walton
Intern (research & documentation) Lauren Stanley
Dramaturgical support Johanna Wall
Lighting & Technical Eduardo Abdala, Chris Brown, James Harrison
General Manager (Third Angel) Hilary Foster
Producer (mala voadora) Manuel Pocas

70 minutes


Third Angel makes entertaining and original contemporary performance that speaks directly, honestly and engagingly to its audience. Established in Sheffield in 1995, the company makes work that encompasses performance, theatre, live art, installation, film, video art, documentary, photography and design. We use styles, techniques and interests discovered in our more experimental work for other spaces, to create new theatre that plays with conventional forms while remaining accessible to a mainstream audience.

Third Angel has shown work in theatres, galleries, cinemas, office blocks, car parks, swimming baths, on the internet and TV, in school halls, a damp cellar in Leicester and a public toilet in Bristol. The company has shown work at festivals and venues across the UK and mainland Europe, including Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, France and Spain.


12 October 2014, MESS Festival


“this gorgeous piece of theatre…makes you think about the world, makes you laugh about the world, makes you glad to be part of the world in all its madness.”
Total Theatre Review

“a reminder of the best and worst of human behaviour, by turns hilarious and moving”
Daily Telegraph