Unstable King (UK)



Game  (30 min)
Circus, in English

Unstable King will stop at nothing to defeat evil. Even if they have to blow this world apart. Game is a madcap three man circus theatre show exploring how video games shape our lives. Played out through circus feats, live gaming and sketch inspired comedy plus Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance routines, these guys are slick and hilarious. Real video games will be available to play before and after the show. Joystick madness!

Unstable King are a brand new company founded by Michael Bell. He is joined on stage by Louis Lamprell & Ryan Murphy. www.unstableking.co.uk

made and performed by: Michael Bell, Louis Lamprell & Ryan Murphy
photo’s: Alex Brenner


‘We are a performance company. We create shows. We are new (2014). We have backgrounds in Circus, Sketch and Stand-up Comedy and Physical Theatre. We’re interested in the combination of text based comedy, circus and exploring ways we can get across what interests us at a given time. Our work is indoor based at the moment but won’t stay that way. Look below for a list of what we’re into. Look at the pages for the shows to see more. We kind of explain what we are about on the main page so coming here or even us having this page is pointless. But it’s done now it can’t be changed.’


27 June 2015, BE FESTIVAL