Youness Khoukhou (MA / BE)



Becoming (50 min)
«Our daily motion is made up of various elements. When we are in an urban setting, we are part of a specific staging, at a given time, and, at the same time, we influence and compose that staging. The street is a public space par excellence; it presents itself as the sum of many paths, some physical and more abstract paths, which reveal a plotted geometry. When individuals, collectives and objects go through this geometry, a surprising structure suddenly occurs which is written as an existing partition. At which point does this structure become crucial with respect to the one we build individually? How can our “small space” exist in those mapped structures? And how does the individual influence the collective?»
Youness Khoukhou

concept and choregraphy: Youness Khoukhou
dance: Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga, Zoltán Vakulya
sound and light: Benoit Pelé
coproduction: Charleroi Danses, Centre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Les Brigittines / Moussem / Centre nomade des arts
with the support of: Fonds Prince Philippe de La Fondation Roi Baudouin / Summer Studios Rosas



Youness Khoukhou was born in 1984 in Safi, Morocco. He began breakdancing at the age of 18 in Marrakech where he grew up and studied contemporary dance with Anania. He moved to Tunis in 2006 to join the C.M.D.C. (Mediterranean Centre for Contemporary Dance in Tunisia). At the same time, he studied psychomotor therapy and bodywork at the Centre Lafaurie Monbadon in France with Jacques Garros. He arrived in Belgium in 2008 to continue training at P.A.R.T.S. Throughout these years, Youness also worked on artistic and teaching projects in Morocco and in Europe. He created 111-1 in 2012 with the collective 111-1 (Radouan Mriziga, Youness Khoukhou, José Paulo dos Santos and Mohamed Toukabri). He performed in Rezeitung from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in 2013, Primitive from Claire Croizé in 2014, Soleils. from Pierre Droulers with whom he created the solo Each Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow. In 2015, Youness Khoukhou presented Becoming the first piece as a solo choreographer.


6 September 2015 in Rome at Short Theatre