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deadline Call for Applications ACT & BE15/12/2016 By IYMA

Two deadlines are approaching, namely the call for applications of BE festival and ACT festival.

Today (15 December) is the last day you can apply for BE Festival. BE Festival takes place in July in Birmingham (UK). The Repertory Theatre is turned upside down to host a numerous amount of emerging artists from all over Europe. You can expect theatre and dance performances, but also circus performances. Thinking of applying to be part of BE 2017? Take a look through 7 year’s worth of the festival brochures and get some inspiration.

ACT Festival resides in Bilbao (Spain) and the deadline is pushed to 23 December. Always wanted to perform in Spain? This might be your chance. ACT programmes performances in different venues around the city of Bilbao



Best of BE20/10/2016 By IYMA

This week Best of BE starts its tour in Spain. Every year several performances from BE Festival are chosen to tour through Spain and the UK. This year all the selected performances are part of the IYMA network. 

Three performances from Italy and Germany will visit several cities in Spain. Reload, the latest performance by Teatro Sotterraneo, which had its world premiere at BE Festival shows a series of stage interruptions. They will analyse the feeling triggered by something ending prematurely, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s philosophy of the benefits of failure.

Awards for IYMA performances31/08/2016 By IYMA

It was an –awardfull- Summer for IYMA.

First Poliana Lima won the the festival prize of ACT festival with Atávico.

At BE Festival, Oliver Zahn was awarded with the ACT award for his performative essay ‘Situation with Outstretched Arm’. He’ll be presenting his piece at Act festival 2017 in Bilbao.

During the ITs Festival Bosse Provoost won ‘Het Debuut’ (The Debut) award from the performance agency Via Rudolphi for his performance ‘Moore Bacon’. With this prize, Via Rudolphi selects three performances to tour through the Netherlands. Provoost’ performance was also selected by them to perform at next years Short Theatre Festival. During Theater aan Zee in Belgium ‘Moore Bacon’ was awarded with the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (Young Theatre Prize).

Also worthy of mentioning is our ‘ old friend’ CollectivO CineticO. They won the Jury Award for Best Young Director during MESS festival back in 2014. Now they were programmed at BE with ‘Hamlet’ and they won the International Theatre Festival MESS Prize. It all comes together!

One down, two more to go this June09/06/2016 By IYMA

The month June means lots of IYMA performances you can enjoy at one of the three IYMA festivals. ACT Festival just ended last weekend and below you can find all the winners. BE Festival and ITs Festival are coming up, with twelve artists in total supported by the IYMA network. It’s going to be a busy month but great and interesting month!


ACT Prizes

Artistic residence in Bilbao and 2000 euro.
GYNN contemporary project ACT BAD PRIZE
Performing in BAD bilbao till 2000 euro.
QUINTIJN RELOUW but that could never happen, DURI PRIZE
Performing in Theater Duri in Seul
LA BERLUE la main dans le sac, DURI PRIZE
Performing in Theater Duri in Seul
GISELDA RAINIERI give me a.. SPECIAL MENTION best direction

Congratulations and enjoy the prizes!

We’re looking for performances22/10/2015 By IYMA

Three of the IYMA partners have opened their call for applications. So go and fill out the application forms if you want to perform in Amsterdam, Birmingham or Bilbao. Looking forward to your proposals!

ITs Festival Amsterdam, June 22 – 30 2016
Click here for more info and the application form.
Deadline November 1, 2015.

BE Festival Birmingham,  June 21 – 25 2016
Click here for more info and the application form.
Deadline December 1, 2015

ACT Festival Bilbao, June 1 – 5 2016
Find more information on their website.
Deadline January 15, 2016