News: Be Festival

Awards for IYMA performances31/08/2016 By IYMA

It was an –awardfull- Summer for IYMA.

First Poliana Lima won the the festival prize of ACT festival with Atávico.

At BE Festival, Oliver Zahn was awarded with the ACT award for his performative essay ‘Situation with Outstretched Arm’. He’ll be presenting his piece at Act festival 2017 in Bilbao.

During the ITs Festival Bosse Provoost won ‘Het Debuut’ (The Debut) award from the performance agency Via Rudolphi for his performance ‘Moore Bacon’. With this prize, Via Rudolphi selects three performances to tour through the Netherlands. Provoost’ performance was also selected by them to perform at next years Short Theatre Festival. During Theater aan Zee in Belgium ‘Moore Bacon’ was awarded with the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (Young Theatre Prize).

Also worthy of mentioning is our ‘ old friend’ CollectivO CineticO. They won the Jury Award for Best Young Director during MESS festival back in 2014. Now they were programmed at BE with ‘Hamlet’ and they won the International Theatre Festival MESS Prize. It all comes together!

A Statement from Collectif Corps Citoyen14/07/2015 By IYMA

photo: Alex Brenner

The IYMA performances don’t stand on their own, but are embedded in festivals with a wide range of other works. While the Tunesian group Collective Corps Citoyen were in Birmingham to perform their work, the shootings in Tunesia took place. A statement.

Friday, June 26 2015

At first,

We wanted to share with you our surrealistic adventure to obtain the visa and come to Birmingham to perform. The visa process reminded us about how strongly enclosed borders are; all kind of borders.If it had been appropriate, we would definitely have read for you all the forms we had to fill out to obtain the visa. That would be great material for a very absurd, hilarious and yet tragic play. But this statement can’t be made today after the horrible news coming from Tunisia.

So far, 27 people were shot dead while enjoying the sea and the sun of the Mediterranean.

Today the enemies of life and freedom prove their power.
Today, extremist people had a bloody revenge and made the gap between here and there, even bigger.
We may become more isolated…

Us, those who aspire for life, freedom and democracy, whatever that means. We will have to explain to the whole world that THEY don’t represent us.

And on the other hand, we will have to survive this nightmare.

May all the victims rest in peace.

This show is, so far, our only tool to ask questions and to keep hope alive.

Collectif Corps Citoyen

Review ‘Acrophobia’26/06/2015 By IYMA

Love Midlands Theatre visited BE FESTIVAL in Birmingham and descriped it as ‘A thrilling festival vibe right in the heart of Birmingham.’ They also wrote about IYMA performance Acrophobia. 

‘The evening’s theatre programme, performed in The STUDIO, opens with Acrophobia performed by Liv Knoche and Tobias Willasch, two incredibly talented performers who began their careers in youth circus. Using only movement and audio they convincingly portray a sweet and tender story about one woman’s journey to overcome her fear. Momentum builds, focus is never lost, and expression is well maintained. The young performers prove themselves phenomenal gymnasts as well as superb actors as the fear turns to fun.’

Read the whole review.