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Best of BE20/10/2016 By IYMA

This week Best of BE starts its tour in Spain. Every year several performances from BE Festival are chosen to tour through Spain and the UK. This year all the selected performances are part of the IYMA network. 

Three performances from Italy and Germany will visit several cities in Spain. Reload, the latest performance by Teatro Sotterraneo, which had its world premiere at BE Festival shows a series of stage interruptions. They will analyse the feeling triggered by something ending prematurely, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s philosophy of the benefits of failure.

MESS TV 201610/10/2016 By IYMA

Since a couple of years MESS Festival creates ‘ MESS TV’. In case you want to look back at where you have been, or maybe you couldn’t make it to the festival. Just sit down and MESS brings the theatre to you. Below you can see some of the reports young aspiring journalists have made of performances selected for IYMA.


by Itxasos San Juan

Marco D’Agostin is a performer and choreographer who will perform at Short Theatre festival’s eleventh edition with his his performance “Everything is O.K”. Itxasos San Juan sat down with him at the Macro Museum in Rome to ask him about his performance and the themes he is interested in. 



Keep the village alive at Short Theatre Festival 201608/09/2016 By IYMA

This year, Short Theatre 11th edition is inspired to the concept of space, its arrangement and possible perspectives. Man perceives space as intrinsically precise because at the same time it belongs and eludes him, it is complicated and controversial, it is limitless and it crosses all borders. In this light four IYMA performances are programmed.

IYMA at Short will kick of this Friday with the performance of Marco Da Silva Ferreira. He will elevate us into a dimension of collective human urban movement. Performer and choreographer Marco D’Agostin shows ‘Everything is OK’, an experiment on the tiredness of looking at something on Saturday the tenth. Radouan Mriziga approaches dance from an architectural perspective on Sunday with his piece ‘3600′. It’s not over for IYMA, on September 17 Michele Rizzo presents ‘Higher’, a performance inspired and based on the experience of club dancing.


Photo of the performance ‘3600’ from artist Radouan Mriziga

The art attack02/07/2016 By IYMA

It’s difficult to cross that common street without glancing at the crowded entrance and lots of green banners around it. The Compagnie Theatre (a festival main place) absorbs not only the drama students or theatre enthusiast but also an accidental pedestrian in Amsterdam, for whom a smell of artistic journey could be more fascinating than smoking…

ITs Festival 2016: Podcast The Odyssey30/06/2016 By IYMA

photo: Neeltje Knaap

The Odyssey describes the dangers that lie outside our cultural landscape. Each of the eight performing theatre academies tackles one of the islands of the Odyssey. They describe archetypal conditions that are present in many human contexts.

But what’s it actually like to be a part of such a large, international project and what different takes did the students of this project took on the refugees subject? Paula Lina spoke to several actors and directors of the Odyssey project.

Check the podcast right here.

Paula Lina is a freelance journalist and musician from Amsterdam:

Review Play House and Little Mermaid – The Wedding by Ariane Kaper29/06/2015 By IYMA
photo Jochem Jurgens

Ariane Kaper, dance and theatre lover with a critical eye, loves to be surprised. Of all the performances she visits per year, she may read just 1 storyline before taking her seat. With the excitement of not knowing what to expect, she visited the IYMA double date with Play House and Little Mermaid – The Wedding and wrote the following review:

Just 30 minutes after taking my seat at Play House, I was lost for words as to what to make of this french scenographic performance. A few days later, the words ‘neat’ and ‘tidy’ come to mind.


Review ‘Acrophobia’26/06/2015 By IYMA

Love Midlands Theatre visited BE FESTIVAL in Birmingham and descriped it as ‘A thrilling festival vibe right in the heart of Birmingham.’ They also wrote about IYMA performance Acrophobia. 

‘The evening’s theatre programme, performed in The STUDIO, opens with Acrophobia performed by Liv Knoche and Tobias Willasch, two incredibly talented performers who began their careers in youth circus. Using only movement and audio they convincingly portray a sweet and tender story about one woman’s journey to overcome her fear. Momentum builds, focus is never lost, and expression is well maintained. The young performers prove themselves phenomenal gymnasts as well as superb actors as the fear turns to fun.’

Read the whole review.

Review HAUTNAH by Zeynep Gündüz24/06/2015 By IYMA

photo Jochem Jurgens

Dance historian and philosophy teacher Zeynep Gündüz went to see the performance HAUTNAH of Nina de la Parra at ITs on June 22, 2015. HAUTNAH is based on the text Closer of Patrick Marber. 

‘Picture me upon your knee. Tea for two and two for tea. Just me for you and you for me alone.’ The song is sung by the stripper Alice as she teases Larry in a stripclub. Larry is the husband of the woman with whom Alice’s ex-boyfriend Dan has a relationship with. Sounds complicated? Step right into HAUTNAH to see how love in the 21st century is not rose-coloured.


Interview Play House (FR) by Zeynep Gündüz23/06/2015 By IYMA

Dance historian and philosophy teacher Zeynep Gündüz completed her PhD research on dance technology at the University of Amsterdam. She visited ITs to talk to Jimme Cloo and Marion Flament who perform their work Play House at ITs Festival Amsterdam on Thursday June 25. On top of that they follow the in-depth programme ITsINSTED for the whole week.