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Awards for IYMA performances31/08/2016 By IYMA

It was an –awardfull- Summer for IYMA.

First Poliana Lima won the the festival prize of ACT festival with Atávico.

At BE Festival, Oliver Zahn was awarded with the ACT award for his performative essay ‘Situation with Outstretched Arm’. He’ll be presenting his piece at Act festival 2017 in Bilbao.

During the ITs Festival Bosse Provoost won ‘Het Debuut’ (The Debut) award from the performance agency Via Rudolphi for his performance ‘Moore Bacon’. With this prize, Via Rudolphi selects three performances to tour through the Netherlands. Provoost’ performance was also selected by them to perform at next years Short Theatre Festival. During Theater aan Zee in Belgium ‘Moore Bacon’ was awarded with the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (Young Theatre Prize).

Also worthy of mentioning is our ‘ old friend’ CollectivO CineticO. They won the Jury Award for Best Young Director during MESS festival back in 2014. Now they were programmed at BE with ‘Hamlet’ and they won the International Theatre Festival MESS Prize. It all comes together!

The art attack02/07/2016 By IYMA

It’s difficult to cross that common street without glancing at the crowded entrance and lots of green banners around it. The Compagnie Theatre (a festival main place) absorbs not only the drama students or theatre enthusiast but also an accidental pedestrian in Amsterdam, for whom a smell of artistic journey could be more fascinating than smoking…

ITs Festival 2016: Podcast The Odyssey30/06/2016 By IYMA

photo: Neeltje Knaap

The Odyssey describes the dangers that lie outside our cultural landscape. Each of the eight performing theatre academies tackles one of the islands of the Odyssey. They describe archetypal conditions that are present in many human contexts.

But what’s it actually like to be a part of such a large, international project and what different takes did the students of this project took on the refugees subject? Paula Lina spoke to several actors and directors of the Odyssey project.

Check the podcast right here.

Paula Lina is a freelance journalist and musician from Amsterdam:

Hidden truths and desires: The Color of August29/06/2016 By IYMA

Semira Latifi plays Laura in The Color of August, her graduation performance at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. Co-starring Vjosa Malokaj as the painter Maria and directed by their acting class teacher Ilire Vinca.

By Anne de Loos

The Color of August tells the story of two long-lost friends, reuniting after eight years; about the ugly truths that are revealed and covered up in such tense moments. Laura ran away from a destructive heartbreak and gave up her artistic career. Maria turned out to be a successful painter but is stuck in an unhappy marriage.

It is fascinating what effect the programming of a double bill can have to the interpretation of a piece. Although The Color of August, a theatre text by Spanish playwright Paloma Perdrero, contains a multitude of subjects, the theme of hidden female desire was highlighted by the doubling with Marie Popall’s Pink Shell.

Vinca’s adaptation becomes most interesting when the women stop talking and seek for alternative ways to communicate. The attention is then drawn to the heightened sensual tension between them, a desire that hides beneath their strong words and contrasting characters. The implied romantic love that perhaps once was, is conveyed strongly in these scenes – and the spectator is left hoping for more.

Anne de Loos is a theatre and art scholar and co-founder of research collective CAS.

Does anybody know what it is to be British?27/06/2016 By IYMA

                                by Hannah Woods, photo Neeltje Knaap

I might have been raised and born in England but if really “being British” means you would wear fake tan (ever) or cook a BBQ in the rain then I fail miserably. However, the international audience of When I see you gave German-born Dawn Robinson solid 8/10’s for her British challenges: a British night out (which of course just included drinking loads), a British BBQ and even tea-making as instructed by George Orwell.

A poetic search for identity: Kolmanskop26/06/2016 By IYMA

                                by Evelien van de Sanden, photo Boy Hazes

Eight sailor ropes hanging from the ceiling, a sewing machine on a table surrounded by more ropes and one actress: that’s all Guillem Gefaell Alsina and his crew use in the performance Kolmanskop. During the performance, Laura Tamayo Franch shares with us in Spanish, standing behind a microphone, how and when she started to question her own identity, by telling personal and metaphorical stories. Her stories become more beautiful and impressive when she starts to move around. The verbal also becomes physical and visual when she rearranges and plays with the ropes as if they represent parts of her identity.
Laura addresses several aspects: personal stories, history in general, conversations with her mother, death and the elements such as water and earth. They all represent fragments of the journey she had to take in the search for her identity. The name Kolmanskop is a reference to a ghost town in Africa that was run over by the desert. A reference that adds more depth to the performance for example about the loneliness you can come across when you question your own identity and how you sometimes must surrender to it. Parts of the text are repetitive and poetic, for example at the point when she tells us how you must let the desert look at you, to help you find your peace and truth in yourself.
There are so many aspects addressed, too many to give each aspect the attention it needs for the performance to have a tangible core or for it to become reflective. On the other hand, you could say identities are also complicated and not clear. Altogether Alsina and his crew show us that by combining the different elements of theatre, he can ‘tell’ more than a story and ‘show’ more than a picture, what makes Kolmanskop a textual and visual attractive performance.

Evelien van der Sanden works as a freelance writer and producer for several dance festivals.

One down, two more to go this June09/06/2016 By IYMA

The month June means lots of IYMA performances you can enjoy at one of the three IYMA festivals. ACT Festival just ended last weekend and below you can find all the winners. BE Festival and ITs Festival are coming up, with twelve artists in total supported by the IYMA network. It’s going to be a busy month but great and interesting month!


ACT Prizes

Artistic residence in Bilbao and 2000 euro.
GYNN contemporary project ACT BAD PRIZE
Performing in BAD bilbao till 2000 euro.
QUINTIJN RELOUW but that could never happen, DURI PRIZE
Performing in Theater Duri in Seul
LA BERLUE la main dans le sac, DURI PRIZE
Performing in Theater Duri in Seul
GISELDA RAINIERI give me a.. SPECIAL MENTION best direction

Congratulations and enjoy the prizes!

We’re looking for performances22/10/2015 By IYMA

Three of the IYMA partners have opened their call for applications. So go and fill out the application forms if you want to perform in Amsterdam, Birmingham or Bilbao. Looking forward to your proposals!

ITs Festival Amsterdam, June 22 – 30 2016
Click here for more info and the application form.
Deadline November 1, 2015.

BE Festival Birmingham,  June 21 – 25 2016
Click here for more info and the application form.
Deadline December 1, 2015

ACT Festival Bilbao, June 1 – 5 2016
Find more information on their website.
Deadline January 15, 2016



A modern one man show: Kokokito from Louis Vanhaverbeke01/07/2015 By IYMA

                                by Evelien van de Sanden, photo Neeltje Knaap

At the start of the performance, we look at an empty stage, surrounded by only black curtains. Then Louis walks in, in simple sporty clothes with a beamer standard on a small trolley. On the beamer standard is electric music equipment, like a mixer, speaker and a sample machine. Nothing fancy.


Interview Nina de la Parra by Aike Jansen30/06/2015 By IYMA

photo Jochem Jurgens

The 18 years old Aike Jansen is a huge fan of English classics, theatre music, photography and art in general. She writes about all those things on the website De Pit. Next year, she’ll be off to Schotland to study English literature and theater in Glasgow. During ITs Festival Amsterdam, she met director Nina de la Parra.

Sex, love, identity. These are the themes that always reappear in the work of the 28 years old director from Amsterdam, Nina de la Parra. On Monday night, June 22, I saw HAUTNAH, her performance that was part of ITs 2015. On Tuesday morning, we met at a café and talked about what she did since finishing high school, the ‘life of a director’ but also about the superficiality of our generation. “I don’t want to spend all my time as a director sitting at a table and figuring out concepts.”