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MESS TV 201610/10/2016 By IYMA

Since a couple of years MESS Festival creates ‘ MESS TV’. In case you want to look back at where you have been, or maybe you couldn’t make it to the festival. Just sit down and MESS brings the theatre to you. Below you can see some of the reports young aspiring journalists have made of performances selected for IYMA.

Awards for IYMA performances31/08/2016 By IYMA

It was an –awardfull- Summer for IYMA.

First Poliana Lima won the the festival prize of ACT festival with Atávico.

At BE Festival, Oliver Zahn was awarded with the ACT award for his performative essay ‘Situation with Outstretched Arm’. He’ll be presenting his piece at Act festival 2017 in Bilbao.

During the ITs Festival Bosse Provoost won ‘Het Debuut’ (The Debut) award from the performance agency Via Rudolphi for his performance ‘Moore Bacon’. With this prize, Via Rudolphi selects three performances to tour through the Netherlands. Provoost’ performance was also selected by them to perform at next years Short Theatre Festival. During Theater aan Zee in Belgium ‘Moore Bacon’ was awarded with the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (Young Theatre Prize).

Also worthy of mentioning is our ‘ old friend’ CollectivO CineticO. They won the Jury Award for Best Young Director during MESS festival back in 2014. Now they were programmed at BE with ‘Hamlet’ and they won the International Theatre Festival MESS Prize. It all comes together!

It was good08/10/2015 By IYMA

I have to admit, even though I was very much looking forward to be travelling to Sarajevo on behalf of the IYMA network, I was also a little bit anxious. It was my job this festival to represent the network and to meet new people. Before I went, I didn’t really have that much time to read about Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the festival. So, I would just let it all happen to me.


The world is a MESS06/10/2015 By IYMA

Alright, so I just had my first weekend at the MESS Festival and I have been so busy with taking in as many performances, side programs, encounters and sightseeings as I could, that I can only now begin to write about my experiences (whilst having a coffee at Park Princeva, restaurant with a great view! Go there).

It was already after one day, but even more after one weekend, that I could feel that the war is inevitable when you are here. When walking around in the city you can see bullet holes in the buildings – visible scars from the war that ended twenty years ago. The war also seems to be a recurring theme in more than one performance at the festival. (more…)

Nynke at MESS festival05/10/2015 By IYMA

Pozdrav svima,

I’ll be writing a personal blog about my experiences at MESS Festival, here in Sarajevo. In this blog I will tell you about the performances I see, the people I meet and the things I notice. But first… let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I am here.