My ‘Short’ Experiences13/09/2016 By IYMA


Our young reporter Itxasos San Juan interviewed and reviewed some of the IYMA works, but she also wrote down her experiences of the festival in general:

This year I had the opportunity to go to Rome, this amazing and historical city has, since 11 editions, a festival called “Short Theatre Festival” and this year’s name was Keep the village alive.

Igor Vrebac wins Amsterdam Fringe13/09/2016 By IYMA

Igor Vrebac wins the Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe Award.

During the final ceremony of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival IYMA artist Igor Vrebac was awarded for his ‘tempting, cool and ambitous’, but also ‘ grand and saddening’ performance. During ACT 2016, only three months ago, Vrebac was the artist in residence of ACT festival. In 2015 he was awarded with this residency after he won the ACT festival prize with his performance Homo Sapiens. In Bilboa he worked on the piece ‘Macho Macho’, a physical performance on masculinity which he developed more over the Summer and won the Fringe Festival with.

The award entails the sum of 5000 euros to develop an international tour. IYMA is looking forward to see his performance travel abroad!

Review of Hu(r)mano10/09/2016 By IYMA

By Itxasos San Juan

The performance “HURMANO” is created by the Portugese choreographer and dancer Marco Da Silva Ferreira. Hu(r)mano is part of Portuguese Young Artists 2015. The performance was shown during the eleventh edition of Short Theatre Festival in Testaccio Rome. 

Do you know that moment in which you see a performance and feel as if you were inside? That happened to me when I was watching this piece. A piece of movement that speaks to the human being, that inevitably makes you identify with some of the things that they are doing, and even more when there are four persons on the scene.

It is a piece that doesn’t matter in which perspective you see it, you will understand it and will perceive it perfectly. The dancers use the whole stage, from the back and the front, right and left and forming parallel lines.

It goes from less to more and that makes you want to keep on watching it and when they reach a climax, you want to dance with them. Silences and repetitive music are alternated to show what we normally do in our life; the daily life of  human beings.


by Itxasos San Juan

Marco D’Agostin is a performer and choreographer who will perform at Short Theatre festival’s eleventh edition with his his performance “Everything is O.K”. Itxasos San Juan sat down with him at the Macro Museum in Rome to ask him about his performance and the themes he is interested in. 



Keep the village alive at Short Theatre Festival 201608/09/2016 By IYMA

This year, Short Theatre 11th edition is inspired to the concept of space, its arrangement and possible perspectives. Man perceives space as intrinsically precise because at the same time it belongs and eludes him, it is complicated and controversial, it is limitless and it crosses all borders. In this light four IYMA performances are programmed.

IYMA at Short will kick of this Friday with the performance of Marco Da Silva Ferreira. He will elevate us into a dimension of collective human urban movement. Performer and choreographer Marco D’Agostin shows ‘Everything is OK’, an experiment on the tiredness of looking at something on Saturday the tenth. Radouan Mriziga approaches dance from an architectural perspective on Sunday with his piece ‘3600′. It’s not over for IYMA, on September 17 Michele Rizzo presents ‘Higher’, a performance inspired and based on the experience of club dancing.


Photo of the performance ‘3600’ from artist Radouan Mriziga

Awards for IYMA performances31/08/2016 By IYMA

It was an –awardfull- Summer for IYMA.

First Poliana Lima won the the festival prize of ACT festival with Atávico.

At BE Festival, Oliver Zahn was awarded with the ACT award for his performative essay ‘Situation with Outstretched Arm’. He’ll be presenting his piece at Act festival 2017 in Bilbao.

During the ITs Festival Bosse Provoost won ‘Het Debuut’ (The Debut) award from the performance agency Via Rudolphi for his performance ‘Moore Bacon’. With this prize, Via Rudolphi selects three performances to tour through the Netherlands. Provoost’ performance was also selected by them to perform at next years Short Theatre Festival. During Theater aan Zee in Belgium ‘Moore Bacon’ was awarded with the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (Young Theatre Prize).

Also worthy of mentioning is our ‘ old friend’ CollectivO CineticO. They won the Jury Award for Best Young Director during MESS festival back in 2014. Now they were programmed at BE with ‘Hamlet’ and they won the International Theatre Festival MESS Prize. It all comes together!

Act Festival 2016: lucky bastards04/07/2016 By IYMA

Text by Marjolein Klare

Let’s talk a little about this amazing event called: ACT Festival.
I was one of the two Dutch lucky bastards who went to Bilbao for the exchange program at the BAI Theatre School. We arrived two weeks before the festival started and got to be involved in the preparations for the ACT festival. As black cats for example. Miauwww!

The art attack02/07/2016 By IYMA

It’s difficult to cross that common street without glancing at the crowded entrance and lots of green banners around it. The Compagnie Theatre (a festival main place) absorbs not only the drama students or theatre enthusiast but also an accidental pedestrian in Amsterdam, for whom a smell of artistic journey could be more fascinating than smoking…

ITs Festival 2016: Podcast The Odyssey30/06/2016 By IYMA

photo: Neeltje Knaap

The Odyssey describes the dangers that lie outside our cultural landscape. Each of the eight performing theatre academies tackles one of the islands of the Odyssey. They describe archetypal conditions that are present in many human contexts.

But what’s it actually like to be a part of such a large, international project and what different takes did the students of this project took on the refugees subject? Paula Lina spoke to several actors and directors of the Odyssey project.

Check the podcast right here.

Paula Lina is a freelance journalist and musician from Amsterdam:

Hidden truths and desires: The Color of August29/06/2016 By IYMA

Semira Latifi plays Laura in The Color of August, her graduation performance at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. Co-starring Vjosa Malokaj as the painter Maria and directed by their acting class teacher Ilire Vinca.

By Anne de Loos

The Color of August tells the story of two long-lost friends, reuniting after eight years; about the ugly truths that are revealed and covered up in such tense moments. Laura ran away from a destructive heartbreak and gave up her artistic career. Maria turned out to be a successful painter but is stuck in an unhappy marriage.

It is fascinating what effect the programming of a double bill can have to the interpretation of a piece. Although The Color of August, a theatre text by Spanish playwright Paloma Perdrero, contains a multitude of subjects, the theme of hidden female desire was highlighted by the doubling with Marie Popall’s Pink Shell.

Vinca’s adaptation becomes most interesting when the women stop talking and seek for alternative ways to communicate. The attention is then drawn to the heightened sensual tension between them, a desire that hides beneath their strong words and contrasting characters. The implied romantic love that perhaps once was, is conveyed strongly in these scenes – and the spectator is left hoping for more.

Anne de Loos is a theatre and art scholar and co-founder of research collective CAS.